We provide you with user interests over time so when you want to reach out to them you talk to them in the language that they speak and bring up things that they understand and resonates with them. 

As we collects more data points over time, you'll notice a decrease in cost-per-results, and an increase in the velocity in which results are coming in. We call this the "sweet spot."   our proprietary deep learning algorithm allows for real-time campaign adjustments based on performance data provided by Facebook. 

Using our voice integrated and customer interaction analytics solution, your sales people can quietly highlight the things that your customers care about the most. Interacting with people should have the emotions and connections that appeals to people instead of robot calls or text messages. This is the edge for better ROI than your competitors. We cluster all your customer reports or conversations and give you the gist of topics they care about the most. So you focus on that next time!

We are building the data intelligence layer to the customers what they need. who is their potential customer. who is the right person in that org and what the sales person should say to  them.

Node’s relationship graph includes over half a billion rich profiles of people and companies, each loaded with valuable insights that can be leveraged to engage the right people, at the right time, and with the right message, enabling discovery of the next markets of opportunity.
 actionable recommendations
companies like BlueJeans Network, Periscope Data, Pagerduty,

We bring AI to the sales and marketing and bridge the gap between the sales and marketing. Marketing and sales are no longer to separate entities, but one which revolves around what the customer wants. This is done via proactive and personalized discovery.

Google is great in search when you know what you should search for. We tell you what you should search for, who to talk to, how to talk to them.

Get linked posts of people of what they post about their tweets, etc

find other companies related to your business. important people in their business. where they operate. what they do. etc.